Next concert

Our next concert is on Saturday, 23rd May in St. James the Less Episcopal Church, Penicuik.

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Latest CD

In recent years, we have added a fourth album to our recordings available for purchase. The CD features music for St Andrew by a selection of composers.

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A Scribe at work in a Scriptorium

The Committee

The committee forms the heart of the choir and makes most of the decisions regarding its operation and financial well-being. The committee is primarily made up of the director and office-bearers (mainly students) below and a few other members. It is also the committee, in collaboration with others, that runs and organises the tours each year.

The current committee members are:

President Chelsea Haward
Secretary Jonty Brawn
Treasurer Betsy Ogilvie
Social secretary Carol Main
Publicity officers Charles Curry
Senior member Catriona Seddon
Webmasters Richard Archibald and Mark Granroth-Wilding